In this episode of the Talking Business Australia Podcast, we share 7 common mistakes we see on business websites and run through what you can do to improve each area.

We know small businesses are always looking for ways to improve their business and we hope that by highlighting these common website mistakes, we can help you to fix them and improve how potential customers use your website, and learn more about your business.

In this episode we cover:
    • Issues with the speed of your website and how to determine the problems
    • The importance of having an SSL certificate and website security through hosting
    • The need for a site map to ensure your site can be indexed
    • Setting up google analytics and the benefit of using google search console
    • The importance of call to action buttons
    • Ensuring your website has contact buttons in multiple locations
    • The importance of contact forms and keeping them easy to fill out
    • Including personal touches on your website like photos of yourself and your team
    • Ensuring that you have a click-to-call and click-to-email functionality on your website

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