In this episode of the Talking Business Australia Podcast, we chat with Kym O’Leary from Co Gear.

Kym founded Co Gear back in 2013, originally known as ‘She’s Empowered’ – a brand that identified a need for maternity workwear. She’s Empowered was initially focused on empowering women within the workplace by providing workwear options that catered to the needs of pregnant women. After much success within the women’s maternity range and crucial support from large companies promoting diversity and inclusion, the brand expanded into workwear that catered for all women’s sizes and shapes.

In this episode we cover:

  • How your place of employment and its culture can provide the perfect opportunity to create a business idea.
  • The difficulties working regionally and trying to keep connected.
  • Building up resilience.  How that helps with building a business.  
  • The process and journey taken to cement your position in an industry.
  • Getting it right by listening to your customers.
  • The challenges that come from a ramp up in business, logistically and keeping momentum going.
  • The payoff that comes from keeping your products inclusive for everyone. 
  • How to make a change, the significance of keeping your eyes open and self-belief. 

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