In today’s episode of the Talking Business Australia podcast we’ll be talking to Elle Roberts from Rare Seed Agency.

Elle has been working in the online business space for over a decade and has helped hundreds of business owners through her coaching, courses and consulting. She works with change makers, risk takers, creative entrepreneurs – the rare seeds – to help them regain control of their business.

Elle also runs Artful Business Events which delivers a bi-annual business conference dedicated to supporting creative, mission-driven and out of the box businesses.

In this episode we cover:

  • Energy leaks that get in the way of your business 
  • Creating better systems and structures to plug your energy leaks 
  • Action plans and tackling goals
  • Making your content calendar match your goals 
  • Regaining control of your business
  • Finding small ways to save time – it all adds up
  • The disadvantages of living regionally 
  • The advantages of living regionally 
  • The regional lifestyle  
  • Working remotely is very achievable especially since Covid

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