In this episode of the Talking Business Australia Podcast, we start the new year off right by chatting through the small steps you can take to business success in 2021. 

For many of us we’re happy to leave 2020 behind us. That’s why we’ve decided to start the year right by giving a strategy for focusing on one area of your business each month. So you can make incremental changes to end 2021 on a high.

In this episode we cover:

  • Setting goals
  • Using seasonal and themed strategies in business and marketing
  • Focus on your socials
  • Implement systems and processes
  • Review your products and services
  • Check in and review your goals
  • Give time to people and culture
  • Spend some time optimising your website
  • Set up your email sequences
  • Plan end of year campaigns in advance
  • Spend time on your mindset
  • Focus on community and sharing the love

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