Regional Roar Podcast Episode 3

In this episode of the podcast, Melissa Dickfos and Cath Fowler chat with Scotty Schindler, who hails from the place Cath now calls home Sawtell, just south of Coffs Harbour.

Scott Schindler is a business and sports leader. As the CEO of ReNet he grew the business from 1 single property listing to managing 900,000+ properties and $1.125 Trillion Dollars in real estate. He retired from this business in 2017 and is now a highly sought-after public speaker, trainer and thought leader within Australia, and around the world. He is also a keen surfer who has won multiple Surfing Titles. 

In this episode we cover:

  • Scotty isn’t really motivated for city living so loves regional living and has spent time in Sawtell and Newcastle
  • Scotty had a really clear goal to start a business that he could run from Sawtell and provide him with the lifestyle he wanted
  • Before that, he had a midlife crisis and knew he needed to get better balance in life
  • ReNet was his sixth start-up so he kept persevering and pivoting
  • Could have made more and had a bigger business in the city but would not have had the lifestyle he now has
  • Loves that you get to know everyone in the local community
  • Used to love walking along the beach to work
  • A big achievement was when the first person rang and asked for a staff member, not Scott, that cemented he really had a company now
  • What was also wonderful was that many of his clients wanted to come and spend time in Sawtell rather than Scott needing to go to the city
  • After retiring, people started asking Scotty to share his business lessons with them. So he is now a mentor, advisor and speaker
  • Scotty has always focused on action-oriented goals
  • Ensure that you are investing some of your business income into 

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