In this episode of the Regional Roar Podcast, co-hosts Cath Fowler and Melissa Dickfos chat about how you can reflect on the last financial year and how the last 6 months has really impacted on regional businesses. 

A lot of regional businesses have been dealing with drought for many years, and this year has then had the additional pressure of bushfires early in 2020. Then every business has been impacted in recent months by COVID19. So what are the things you might look to review or reflect on, to help set your business up for the new financial year?

In this episode we cover:

  • Reviewing the year in two 6 month parts
  • Think about the wins you’ve had 
  • Review your product and services mix with the stop, start, continue model
  • Audit your expenses and subscriptions
  • Reflect on how you grew as a business owner, not just in a financial sense
  • Be proud of what you took action on this year
  • Look forward to setting yourself up for the next financial year. But allow a good degree of flexibility
  • Plus we share some exciting news about changes to come in Season 2 of the podcast and what’s ahead for Melissa and Cath’s individual businesses.