In this episode of the podcast, Cath Fowler and Melissa Dickfos chat with Tammy Duckworth from Bella Bands.

Tammy is a single mum of 2 beautiful daughters and hails from Roma, in south-west Queensland. Having been in the beauty industry for the past 23 years, she recently found herself unemployed as a result of COVID19. During this time she became resourceful with her love of sewing, and her new business Bella Bands was born.

In this episode we cover:

  • Bouncing back from Covid-19
  • The amazing support of small communities
  • The importance of supporting others
  • Regional communities are a key factor in the success of small businesses
  • Advantages of living regionally┬á
  • Supporting local businesses is at the heart of country towns
  • Strength of mothers
  • Community involvement

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