Regional Roar Podcast Episode 1

In the first episode of the podcast, co-hosts Melissa Dickfos and Cath Fowler introduce themselves and talk about how they came to live in regional Australia and what inspired them to create the podcast to share in the success of regional business owners.
They came together over a shared recognition that there is lots of amazing talent in both of the regions they live in – Toowoomba and Coffs Harbour – and know that there are great hidden gems of businesses all throughout regional and rural Australia.
Melissa is a coffee-loving digital marketer and copywriter, who loves helping businesses bring their brand to life. Degree-qualified in marketing and human resources, Melissa has held a professional career in marketing, small business management, HR and finance and is the founder of Toowoomba based marketing agency Regional Roar.
Cath has worked in marketing, copywriting and business development roles for the past fifteen years. She is an SEO consultant and copywriter who helps businesses get found and look good online. Using SEO smarts and compelling copy she will establish your brand as the leader in your local area or industry. She loves working with regional businesses of all kinds to help the little guys compete on the big stage. She is the owner of a digital marketing agency The Digital Laneway. 
In this episode we cover:
  • Why are we focusing the podcast on regional businesses?
  • Great ideas can come from anywhere. It’s a myth you need to be in the city.
  • Regional business owners are humble.
  • Where Melissa grew up
  • How Cath came to live regionally
  • Why and how Cath and Melissa both started their own regional marketing businesses
  • What they both like most about working with other regional business owners
  • Small business is the heart of regional Australia
  • What you can expect to hear in future podcasts
Links mentioned in the show